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All About The Computer Case Lab

Welcome to Computer Case Lab.

My name is Matthew Warren and I took over this site in May of 2018. The Computer Case Lab was created a year earlier in 2017 by Dominic Wells and started by providing in-depth reviews of computer cases with the focus on gaming machines.

My mission for Computer Case Lab is to create honest reviews that cover all computer cases, from gaming, specialty cases, server and workstation cases all the way to desktop cases. I also intend to write articles about related computer gear, spotlight custom computer cases and how to get the best performance from your home computer. Basically, if you love computers like I do you will enjoy the site.

A little background about me:

My love for computers started with my first, a Commodore 64 back in the mid-1980s. When the IBM PC clones started taking over in the late 80s I switched over and have used nothing else for my main computer aside from collecting other retro 8-bit machines.

I didn't really get into custom builds until the early 2000s. With internet shopping, it became so easy to research and build good machines within my budget.

Right now I have around 25 computers in various states of operation in my home. These range from gaming rigs to work computers, laptops, 8-bit machines, cryptocurrency miners, NAS servers and play things like the Raspberry Pi.

I work as a developer in my day job so I have used computers for all of my waking hours the past 20 years. I haven't gotten tired of them yet and don't think I ever will.

Hope you stick around and check out my reviews. If you have a question about the site or computers and cases, please feel free to send me a message.

Matthew Warren