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Cleaning Your Desktop Computer’s Exteriors

Desktop computer users often clean their hard drive in order to keep the PC running successfully. The outsides of a desktop computer also need maintenance, particularly the PC tower, since it produces static electricity each time it operates.

The static siphons in dust and grime that comes from the air and this can clog up your computer. Before all that cleaning, though, you have to first learn how to open a computer case.

Here are the following steps:

  1. Switch the computer off including the monitor plus peripherals. Be certain that all items fastened to the PC have been switched off and unplugged.
  1. Unplug the PC from its power source or the wall. You must unplug the power cable from the back of the computer as well.
  1. Take away the screws from the back of the PC. Lots of desktop computers make use of two sizable thumbscrews located all over the edge. However, there are newer models now that have sides that merely flip down as soon as you push down a release.
  1. Take away the side panel or cover. Some computers have covers that slide toward the front while some slide at the back. If required, you have to pull hard in order to remove it.
  1. Take the PC outside and make use of compressed air to blow out all signs of dust on the internal parts. Remove the dust balls present on outside vents as well.

Now we present the steps needed in order to fully clean your PC’s external components.

Cleaning the outside

With the use of a dry, clean cloth, wipe down the mouse, any printers, the monitor, the outside part of the console and the keyboard. With the exception of the monitor screen, you can dampen a paper towel with a household cleaner and clean the items in case you see signs of dirt buildup.

Remember that if you are using liquid cleaners to clean a PC’s external parts, you must steer clear of spilling the stuff on the insides. Wring the towel or cloth very well after each use.

Do not attempt to spray the cleaner directly on the computer case. Spray the cleaner on a paper towel first then wipe it.

Cleaning the vents

These vents are two groups of air vents located on the front and back of the console, which is the primary desktop computer box where all of the PC items are plugged in. You can clean the vents by hand but if you want a deeper clean, you can use a vacuum cleaner. While compressed air will work, remember not to blow the dirt right back into the console.

Air vents need particular tending and care since air should circulate frequently and properly inside the console or else the parts will overheat. Overheating leads to internal problems. Cleaning the air vents is one of the best methods to prevent future PC issues.

Cleaning the keyboard

Make use of a vacuum cleaner to clean the item. Vacuum cleaners are perfect for this job since they can effectively take away all debris clinging between the keys.

If you have dirt that will not get dislodged by the vacuum cleaner, use tweezers to remove it. You can also flip the keyboard up and give it a decent shaking.

Clean the keycaps with the use of a pencil eraser. Once you are finished, use the vacuum cleaner once more to get rid of any eraser debris.

Cleaning the monitor

CRT or standard desktop computer monitors are pretty simple to clean and maintain. You can spray common glass cleaners on a clean soft rag or paper towel then wipe down the screen.

However be careful not to get any of the cleaners inside the monitor. Just spray a little amount of the cleaner on the towel and it can clean the monitor sufficiently.

Now LCD monitors are a bit of a challenge when it comes to clean up. One should not spray cleaners directly on the monitor and there are certain items that you have to avoid using on the screen too, like ammonia and alcohol.

The best method to clean an LCD monitor is to make use of an LCD monitor cleaning and maintenance kit. For a general cleanup, make use of a microfiber or lint-free cloth for the job.

Most monitors, in fact, come with this kind of cloth for maintenance. Furthermore, you should clean the monitor when it is turned off so you can see the screen clearly.