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CM Storm Stryker Case Review

CM Storm Stryker – Gaming Full Tower Computer Case Review

There are different types of computer cases available on the market today and every builder, beginner or experienced, should know that they should base their purchase based on their needs and not their wants. One of the first things you should know are the different sizes and which one will likely work for you.

There are four basic sizes: small form factor, mini tower, mid-tower, and full tower. To state the obvious, the taller the tower, the more room for expansion and storage.

For this review, we will cover the Storm Stryker full tower computer case (Amazon link). We will discuss its various features, its many advantages, and so that you will have a complete idea what this bad boy offers, also its disadvantages.

Cooler Master Storm Stryker
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Features of the Storm Stryker

  • Stylish and elegant black and white design
  • Mesh front panel assists in constant cooling
  • Strong rubber coated carrying handle
  • Rotatable combo cages for added flexibility and easy installation
  • Rich input and output support
  • (2) USB 3.0 SuperSpeed ports
  • 9+1 expansion slots
  • Adjustable fan speed using control panel
  • Supports latest and longest graphics cards
  • Includes internal toolbox for quick and easy maintenance
  • Storm Guard equipped to secure a gamer's peripherals
  • Made by Cooler Master, a top brand in PC gear.

Benefits of this High End Case

Cooler Master is at it again with releasing a top notch and reliable computer case. This time the CM Storm Stryker – Gaming Full Tower Computer case is simply just a masterpiece.

It has all the best features you can possibly imagine when dreaming up a computer case. It is wonderfully designed, not just on the outside with its stylish black and white exterior, but from all angles.

Ports and Inputs

It has handy and easily accessible I/O ports include two for USB 3.0, two for USB 2.0, with an input and out HD audio ports, plus a fan controller, all conveniently located at the top and in front of the case.

The Cooler Master Storm Stryker is also equipped with its own rubberized carrying handle, a gamer's dream come true because they can now safely carry their pcs with them to gaming competitions.

Although the CM Storm Stryker might actually be too heavy to carry by hand; you can store up to 70 pounds of internal components inside this full tower case. The storing capacity includes 9+1 expansion slots, the maximum number of slots for any full tower chassic.

The CM Storm Stryker is also compatible with Micro-ATX, ATX, and XL-ATX motherboards, which means that builders and gamers don't have to worry about their motherboards being supported by this computer case.

Ventilation on the CM Stryker

Of course, since this is a computer case made by Cooler Master, you can expect the case to have an airflow design that promotes cooling.

With the added mesh front panel, you are guaranteed that your internal components will stay cool at all time. To further enhance the CM Storm Stryker's cooling capability, it also comes with two 120mm front LED fans, a top 200mm black fan, and a rear 140mm black fan as well.

As a bonus, all these fans can be controlled by the control panel, making them easier to use and adjust.

Things to be Aware Of

When users first get their hands on this, its sheer size can be very intimidating. It measures at a whopping 9.8" x 23.8" x 22.8" and weighs up to 30.2 pounds, making it fairly heavy.

Another issue with this case is its price. It is more expensive than other computer cases and has a lot of features that newbies will not understand. This is a case that isn’t all-inclusive when it comes to users.

Those who are brand new to the computer building world will most likely get confused if they opt for the CM Storm Stryker.

Despite this computer case having a handy rubberized carrying handle for easy mobility, gamers and builders who use the chassis to its full capacity of 70 pounds, with accessories, will not be able to lift it with ease.

This makes the handle a useless feature.

Case Thoughts & Bottom Line

If you have not yet built a PC of your own, this probably isn't the first computer case you should invest in. It is more expensive than other models and brands and may just turn you off from PC building in general.

If you start off your build with an ATX like this, you can go to the Walmart, Newegg, or Amazon sites and just view compatible motherboards, because only eATX will not fit.

For those who have had the pleasure of PC building and are confident enough in their skills and understanding, the Cooler Master Storm Stryker Gaming Full Tower Computer Case (Amazon link) is worth every penny.