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MasterBox 5 Review: A Good Mid-Tower Computer Case

Every builder and gamer knows that when it comes to computer cases, its function is a priority over its looks. Although a computer case that comes with fancy LED lights and other flashy accessories may be cool to look at, sometimes it just adds to the heat inside the case and will eventually cause more problems.

Sometimes it may be tempting to go for a computer case that will attract the attention of others, but other times sticking to the basics is what works best. The MasterBox 5 Mid-Tower Computer Case is one of those cases that may not look very appealing on the outside, but its simplicity is deceiving.

Read on to learn more about the MasterBox 5 Mid-Tower Computer Case (Amazon link) and how it proves that staying simple can sometimes be the better choice, especially when it comes to computers.

Masterbox 5
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Features of the MasterBox 5 Mid-Tower Computer Case

  • Straightforward and simply designed computer case
  • Easy mounting and rearranging of SSDs on along the bottom shelf or at the back
  • Easy mounting and rearranging HDDs along the motherboard tray
  • Expansion capable
  • Clean and well-designed cable management system
  • Hidden spaces for maximized and organized cabling
  • Compact and efficient cooling system
  • Supports up to four 120mm fans
  • Alternative cooling option: DIY liquid cooling with a 280mm front radiator

Benefits of the MasterBox 5 Mid-Tower Computer Case

If you are inexperienced in the field of computer cases, the first rule you should remember is to look for a case that meets your needs. You do not have to go overboard by jumping at the most expensive computer case on the market.

For beginners, the best way to learn is to start with the basics. The MasterBox 5 Mid-Tower Computer Case is a wonderful case to start with. It has all the basic features any builder can hope for at a very affordable price.

One of the biggest advantages of the MasterBox 5 is the fantastic design of its cable management system. A computer case having a great cable management system is a plus for both expert and new builders because everyone wants to manage their cords and wires properly just to make things neater and easier inside the case.

This case also has a lot of space to fit the different expansions you have planned as a builder, another great bonus.

If you are not yet convinced by the simple and basic looks and functions of the MasterBox 5 Mid-Tower Computer Case, just trust the manufacturer: Cooler Master. They are known in the industry for creating one of the best lines of computer cases that have optimum airflow to prevent overheating issues from arising.

It is a reliable and dependable brand that has a loyal following because of its continuous upgrades in their various computer case lines. Although they have released newer, more modern computer cases, they have remained loyal to what they have always been known for: airflow and cooling management, the very basic requirement of a computer case.

Things to be Aware Of

The MasterBox 5 Mid-Tower Computer Case is one of the first designs of computer cases that Cooler Master released. In that respect, this means that this computer case is an old and basic design, not something an experienced builder may appreciate.

This type of simple and basic computer case will only be appreciated by a beginner who is still learning the ropes of PC building. It is simple enough to handle and comes with all the basic features you will ever need, which means you will less likely get confused about the different complicated internal computer parts you will handle.

Even if the computer case is very basic and doesn’t require a lot of technical expertise, some very new PC builders still might encounter a few problems in configuration and building in general. A few video tutorials can serve as your guide to help you build your PC with the MasterBox 5 Mid-Tower Computer Case (Amazon link) as your computer case.

Masterbox 5 Review: Bottom Line

This is clearly one of the best computer cases for new and inexperienced builders. It is very affordable and comes only with the most basic of features, no more and no less.

This computer case makes a good training piece for those who are interested in learning the skills but lack the experience in building. If you have had some experience in PC building and are looking for upgrades or cases that offer more complicated features and expansions, this may not be the computer case for you.