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Rosewill Challenger S Gaming Mid Tower Computer Case

Rosewill Challenger S Gaming Mid Tower Computer Case Review

The right computer case is a must for all of your planned components. You have to get one that will easily fit all of the parts you need and at the same time, keep them organized, cool, allow proper air circulation and minimize the onset of dust and dirt inside.

Rosewill is a company that has products ranging from cooling fans to PC cases and for this review, we are going to tackle their Challenger S Gaming Mid-Tower Computer Case (Amazon link).

Rosewill Challenger S
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  • Easy to disassemble mesh dust filters on the top and bottom
  • Can accommodate up to 360 mm video cards
  • Has latching5 HDD cage tool-less design
  • Has tool-less 5.25-inch driver device design
  • Suits motherboards with onboard USB 3.0 socket
  • Compatible with Micro ATX, ATX, and mini-ATX
  • Can accommodate up to 5 fans
  • Measures 16.06 x 7.28 x 17.52 inches
  • Weighs 14.15 pounds


The Rosewill Challenger S makes all that fussing over computer installations a breeze. It requires a tool-free assembly of 5.25-inch devices and 3.5-inch HDD.

It can support up to a 14.17-inch long graphics card and a 120 mm long liquid cooling radiator in the front. For maintenance, the case also includes dust filters located on both the top and the bottom for a well-organized and neat operations setting.

The case includes two built-in fans; one is located in front of the hard drive slots and one positioned at the rear wherein the heatsink and the CPU fan lay. Four more fans are provided with spots; there are three available alongside the top of the PC case and one on top in front of the hard drive openings.

All of the three fan locations all over the inside top of the casing are covered by a dust filter.

While it is not actually a breeze to clean the filter without taking away the fans, you can remedy the cleanup by using a vacuum cleaner to suck up all the dirt from the filter through the top part of the case.

You will also notice that the case has a removable dust filter located on the bottom beneath the power supply. This slides easily so you can clean it up.

It features three slots for 3.5-inch hard drives and two slots for DVD drives. It also includes a removable 5.25-inch-3.5-inch bracket if you prefer one DVD drive and a fourth 3.5-inch hard drive.

Located at the top front part of the case are two USB 2.0 and one USB 3.0 plugs together with plugins for the microphone and the headphones.

What we like about the item is that it is lightweight and very roomy. It also features a side window to display any artwork you’d like to show or if you want to customize or personalize your PC.

The motherboard also features a roomy space behind it so users can easily conceal and route even the thickest of power cables. We also appreciate that it includes a good number of fan locations so you can provide the PC with the appropriate airflow it requires.

Dust filters will help maintain orderliness and cleanliness inside and it also features a tool-less design for the hard drive slots, which makes it convenient.

Customers who were into the PC case also added that you can easily access each item without additional effort. There is a substantial amount of screws for any job that calls for an installation.

Plus it has a good build that is made for gaming. One customer added that the case lets in a great amount of airflow with the supplementation of a fan splitter so one can employ all of the fan locations.

Others took note of its minimal, simple design inside and outside, plus it features a great stand-off to provide air circulation to the PSU.


Customers did not like that you have to use great effort to take away the front panel. Some worry that it can do damage to the cable. Some also complained that the stand-offs provided with the required tools were difficult to install.


The Rosewill Challenger S Gaming Mid Tower Computer Case (Amazon link), all in all, provides a nice amount of airflow, has a minimalist and professional feel to it plus it has an excellent gaming build. It is affordable enough for those who have limited budgets. This is something you have to try out.