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VIVO SMART Micro-ATX Tower Computer Gaming PC Case

VIVO SMART Micro-ATX Tower Computer Gaming PC Case Review

If you have plans for creating your own computer gaming system, you should consider looking for a computer case that can support all of the components, installations, and upgrades that you plan on including in it.

For this review, we are going to tackle the VIVO SMART Micro-ATX Tower gaming case (Amazon link). Here are some of the key factors to know regarding the product.

Vivo SMART Case
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  • Compatible with Micro-ATX and Mini-TX motherboards
  • Has matte black finish with glossy front panel and black interiors
  • Includes SPCC 0.45mm with front bezel in plastic
  • Has x2 3.5" internal drive bay, x2 2.5" internal SSD bays, and x4 expansion slots
  • Has x2 USB 2.0, X1 USB 3.0, HD Audio (for headphones and microphone), power and reset in front panel
  • Has pre-installed x2 front 120mm LED fans and optional x2 top 120mm fan ports and x1 rear 120mm fan for cooling
  • Measures 15.94" x 7.80" x 16.61" (L x W x H)
  • Weighs 6.61lbs (3kg)
  • Supports VGA card length up to 330 mm
  • Accommodates CPU cooler height up to 162 mm
  • Supports PSU length up to 160 mm
  • Accommodates up to x3 water cooling radiators
  • Has cable management
  • Has thumb screw installed on side panels for better access
  • Has filtered power supply ventilation


When selecting a computer case, it is important that you select one that has sufficient space and build. Take into account all components that you plan on putting inside like media devices, the motherboard, all sorts of wiring, cooling systems and more.

Now the second thing you have to consider is the size. The size must match the motherboard to the sizes that are compatible with the case.

For example, the VIVO SMART Micro-ATX Tower supports Micro-ATX and Mini-TX motherboards so if you own said motherboards, you can consider this product. Then you have to consider all other items plus room for the wiring.

Computers have plenty of wiring or cables all over thus it requires plenty of room not only for the wires but for the cooling systems and hardware too.

Next, consider the kind of cooling system you need. The VIVO SMART is capable of supporting up to three water cooling radiators, has pre-installed two front fans and options for three more.

It also features a filtered power supply for ventilation purposes. This system can supply enough cooling and ventilation required by a gaming case so if you want a PC that’s apt for all of the powerful peripherals that games require, then you should look this VIVO product up.

The VIVO SMART provides liquid cooling and this method has been proven to maintain excellent cooling for hardcore gaming PCs but it also needs adequate space and some technical know-how. Keep in mind that this kind of cooling system requires steady maintenance as well.

The maintenance will make it even more effective and dependable.

Customers who were satisfied with the VIVO SMART shared that the product’s affordable cost was what made them buy the unit in the first place. It is one of the most affordable cases available.

It is big enough for larger CPU coolers as well which is another plus. The case presents plenty of empty room for larger video cards and has lots of non-invasive storage options like vertical mounts for several SSDs.

Another good thing about the unit is its excellent dust-resisting options like a top-mounted magnetic screen and cloth on the whole front grill, which is good for such a price. There was also a lot of customers who were satisfied that they won’t have to deal with wasted room for external bays.


There were complaints that the side window did not complement the interiors while some gave its cheaply-made built thumbs-down. Basically, most of the negative comments were focused on its appearance.


If you want a case that has lots of room and cooling power, then the VIVO SMART Micro-ATX Tower (Amazon link) is something that you have to consider. Despite the feedback regarding its appearance, it did possess superb features, sufficient room and  powerful cooling systems.