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What Makes a Computer Case the Best for Gaming?

For a serious gamer, they know that when it comes to building their PCs a computer case is a major decision. Choosing the right computer case can even be more important than having the best motherboard. This is because a computer case is where all the important components of a PC are kept.

It is the first line of defense against external damage caused by dust, liquids, and other harmful objects. A computer case can affect your entire PC build because it manages the airflow around your internal components, an important factor if you want to avoid overheating.

The computer case is an integral factor to consider, especially if you have a specific build in mind. This can affect how much upgrading and expansion you will be capable of doing.

You will need to look into the different specs of the chassis you are planning to invest in and which of these factors you need to prioritize when building.

Important Factors when Choosing the Best Gaming Computer Case

Although many gamers would prefer that their computer case looks amazing and attention-grabbing, this isn’t an aspect that ranks high on the list of priorities to consider before purchasing a PC chassis. Instead, you should consider these factors:

Computer Case Sizes

Size does matter when you’re building a PC. There are four common sizes that cases come in: Small Form Factor, Mini Tower, Mid-Tower, and Full Tower. Your choice of case will depend on how much expansion you will need.

Of course, the smaller the case, the less expansion you’ll need. The Small Form Factor case only has room for 2 expansion slots while the Full Tower can hold up to 10; the rest vary between 4 to 8 slots, so plan ahead to see which case size would be the right one for you.

Motherboard Sizes

All gamers know that their motherboard is at the center of their build. Motherboards come in the following sizes:

  • Mini-ITX, which fits all cases including the Small Form Factor.
  • MicroATX, which fits in a Mini Tower and bigger computer case sizes
  • ATX which fits the Mid-Tower and Full Tower cases
  • and finally the EATX, which can only fit inside a Full Tower case.

You can base your choice of gaming computer case depending on your motherboard.

Physical Space Limitations

Another factor to consider before buying a computer case is the physical space you have. It will not work out well if you invest in a Full Tower case only to realize you don’t have enough room on your desk to fit a computer case this big.

Plus, the bigger the case, the heavier it is and more components it contains. Not a good choice of a case when you are staying in a cramped room with no proper ventilation.

Gamer Type

What type of gamer are you? Are you a casual gamer who plays computer games as a hobby or form of entertainment?

Or are you a serious gamer who joins competitions? The type of gamer you consider yourself to be will also affect the type of cause you’d want to buy for yourself.

Budget Constraints

Gamers know that a computer case is an investment; the bigger the case and the more features it comes with, the more expensive the price becomes. The best gaming computer case does not mean the most expensive; it comes down to your needs.

Do not run out and buy the biggest and most expensive computer case if you’re not experienced at PC building, or you might end up with buyer’s remorse. Consider your budget and think ahead to make the right choice.

PC Building Takes Practice

If you are just starting to dip your toes into the world of PC building, a simple computer case like Cooler Master’s MasterBox 5 Mid-Tower Computer Case is a good choice for beginners. It has all the basic necessities any builder can ask for and it is very affordable.

It may not be able to handle too many expansions, but for casual gamers, this computer chassis will work wonders.

On the other hand, if you are an avid gamer who joins competitions, Cooler Master's Storm Stryker Gaming Full Tower case is a good choice. It has up to 10 expansion slots and many other features you will find useful as you build your PC.

There is no one perfect computer case that will satisfy everyone, so choose one that fits your needs and of course your budget.